Idiot Ravens Fan Runs Onto Soldier Field During Thunderstorm Delay (Video)

ravens fan runs onto field at soldier stadium during rain delay

Yesterday, the Bears-Ravens game at Soldier Field in Chicago was delayed by the severe storm system that ripped through the midwest—the same one that leveled entire towns with tornados and left at least eight people dead. Though Chicago wound up being spared the brunt of the storm, it was still a pretty scary situation, as the Bears PA announcer asked fans to calmly evacuate the stands.

Unfortunately, there was one (presumably) drunk Ravens fan who did not quite grasp the severity of the situation. So, during the delay, he decided he’d just go ahead and run out onto the field—lightning be damned.

Where were his fellow Ravens fans through all this? Cheering him on, of course.

Take a look:

Well done, Ravens guy. You’ve made your city proud. Again.

Now let’s see you do it while 275-pound linebackers are on the field.

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