14 Awesome NHL Player of the Game Trophies

nhl player of the game trophies

You may not have realized it if you don’t follow the NHL that closely (or if your team is no fun), but there’s a really awesome trend sweeping the league these days: player of the game trophies.

I’m not talking about official awards handed out by media or the league. I’m talking about handmade and/or found items that the players themselves designates as their POTG trophies, which are then handed out to the most deserving players after victories.

It’s hard to tell exactly who started this tradition, or when. However, the earliest ones we know about are from the 2008-09 season. Today a number of teams hand out goofy awards in the locker room, and in my humble (almost always correct) opinion, this just makes a sport already rich with character and tradition that much better.

Want to see the kinds of trophies I’m talking about? Perfect. Because that’s what we’re about to take do. Click the arrows to get started.


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