Cam Newton Was Breaking Ankles Last Night Against New England (GIFs)

cam newton

Remember when everyone was all worried that Cam Newton might flop because he had a bit of a sophomore slump last year? Remember how people were saying he was pouting too much and would never make a good leader?

Well, that was pretty stupid, wasn’t it? This year, Cam Newton has taken a huge leap forward, showing signs that he might yet become an elite superstar QB. And his Panthers are now 7-3 after winning their sixth game in a row last night, knocking off Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Of course, most people today will be focusing on the controversial ending to Carolina’s latest victory, and that’s understandable because it really did suck. But we must also take time to give Cam his due. Last night, the guy outplayed Tom Brady, plain and simple, completing 19-of-28 for 209 passing yards with three touchdowns and a ridiculous 125.4 passer rating.

Then there was the rushing. Cam had a game-high 62 rushing yards, which included one of the most impressive 14-yard scrambles you are ever going to see.

Take a look:




Have you ever seen an NFL quarterback break ankles like that? Because I don’t know that I have.

I’m starting to think the Panthers might have themselves a franchise quarterback after all.

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