Chris Paul Took a Karate Kick to the Face from Tony Allen Last Night (Video + GIF)

tony allen kicks chris paul in the face

Someone on the Memphis Grizzlies coaching staff might want to sit down with Tony Allen and go over the basic rules of basketball some time in the near future. You wouldn’t think it necessary, given that the guy has been named to the NBA’s All-Defensive First Team for the past two seasons, but apparently he is a little rusty on what is and is not allowed.

Don’t believe me? Just ask the Clippers’ Chris Paul. Last night in Los Angeles, Paul was driving the lane when Allen decided, “yeah, I’m just going to karate kick this dude in the face and see what happens.”

Here’s the video:

And, for posterity’s sake, here’s the animated GIF:

So what did happen? Well, Paul got a couple of loose teeth and Allen got called with a flagrant foul 2, which of course meant an automatic ejection.

After the game, everyone was surprisingly level-headed about the incident. Here’s what Allen had to say:

“I had to let him know that it wasn’t intentional. He understood that and he told me he knew it wasn’t. But the refs reviewed it, and it was a blow to the head. So that was the result—me getting kicked out. It was just unfortunate that I couldn’t help my team throughout the game. But they had my back and played hard throughout the game.”

And here are Paul’s thoughts on the play:

“I know Tony didn’t do it on purpose. I went mute for a while, just because I hate being hit on the lip more than anything. I just hate having a busted lip. But I know it wasn’t intentional, and I didn’t expect him to get ejected. I think he thought I was about to throw the ball to the corner, so that’s a natural instinct.”

Still, though…loose teeth? What is this, hockey?

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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