Flying Karate Kick Sets Off Massive Brawl at Community College Football Game (Video + GIF)

football brawl (long beach city college vs. college of the desert)

Don’t tell the football players on the College of the Desert football team that their games don’t really matter. Sure, they’re just a community college football team and, in all likelihood, none of them will make the leap to Division I ball or, subsequently, the NFL. But in their minds, the games matter…a lot.

So when they found themselves getting absolutely destroyed recently, they weren’t just going to stand around and get humiliated. Like many teams before them, they decided that if they couldn’t push back on the scoreboard, they’d push back in person.

On November 16, the College of the Desert Roadrunners traveled to Long Beach City College to play the Vikings in the final game of the season. Late in the game, with Long Beach up 55-10, one Roadrunner player decided to be cute and run with an obviously dead ball like he was scoring a touchdown. That incited some pushing and shoving on the field, which then turned into a massive bench clearing brawl when the same guy who picked up and ran with the ball came back and gave one Long Beach player a flying karate kick to the back.

Take a look:

I’m sure getting blown out was not pleasant. But come on, dude, you’ve got to chill out. Kicking somebody in the back with your cleats is a douchebag move.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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