Pats’ Tom Brady Cussed Out Refs After Controversial Non-Call on Final Play (GIFs + Video)

gronkowski monday night pass interference no call

If you were watching Monday Night Football last night, you probably had a pretty unpleasant flashback to September 24, 2012.

That, of course, was the night the replacement refs botched the final play of the Green Bay-Seattle MNF game, giving the Seahawks a win they probably didn’t deserve.

Of course, last night there were no replacement refs.

Here’s what happened: the Patriots were trailing the Panthers 24-20, but Tom Brady engineered what was looking like another game-winning drive, taking New England all the way down to the Carolina 18-yard line. Then, on what would be the last play of the game, Brady threw a pass intended for Rob Gronkowski into the endzone on 2nd and 3. That pass was intercepted, but a flag was thrown for pass interference on Gronk, which would give the Pats one last attempt at winning the game—from the one-yard line.

There was just one problem. Yes, the defender made contact with Gronkowski. But such contact is only illegal when the ball is “catchable.” Obviously, “catchable” is a subjective concept, but it’s really pretty clear that the ball Brady threw was not, in fact, catchable. It was way too short, which is precisely why it was intercepted. Thus, the referees conferred and reversed the call.

Take a look:

Is it plausible to say this was pass interference? Absolutely. Is it plausible to say it was not? Absolutely. That’s not really the point. The point is one ref threw a flag, making everyone in the stadium and those watching at home think one thing. Then they got together, reversed the call, and ran off the field without explaining a damn thing. Seriously. No explanation.

That’s why pandemonium ensued, and that’s why Tom Brady was pissed:

After the game, Brady and the rest of the Pats said all the right things. They said the play was confusing and disappointing, but that it did not decide the game. And they were right.

Still…what a shame.

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