Chi Chi Rodriguez Takes Epic Nutshot While Filming Trick Shot for Golf Channel Reality Show (Video + GIF)

chi chi rodriguez nutshot

I generally don’t enjoy watching golf tournaments on television. Sometimes there is a great rivalry or a close finish, but most of the time I find them a bit boring and monotonous. The Golf Channel, however, is a different story. In addition to being instructional (and believe me, I need instruction), they also make golf more fun and exciting. Whether it’s John Daly teeing up a ball in somebody’s mouth, the World Long Drive Champion actually breaking the in-studio drive simulator, or the fairly attractive hosts, they always have something good going on. And today, that tradition continues.

What do we have for you this time? We have 78-year-old Chi Chi Rodriguez taking a golf ball to the groin.

The World Golf Hall of Famer stopped by the “set” of Golf Channel reality show The Big Break to take part in it’s popular glass-break challenge—ostensibly to show the golf pro hopefuls how it’s done—but instead of breaking the glass, his ball bounced right off it and smacked him square in the junk.

Here’s the GIF:

And because nutshots are so much more amazing with sound, here’s the video:

Yep, that’s classic. And seriously, how good a sport is Chi Chi? Cracking one-liners, and then getting right back in there to get the job done? What a pro.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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