Kobe Bryant Is Practicing and Thinks He Could Return by the End of the Month (Video)

kobe bryant practicing

Back in April, when Kobe Bryant tore his achilles tendon, it didn’t just have people talking about the end of his season and the demise of the Lakers. It had people talking about the end of his career with the Lakers and, possibly, the end of his career period. After all, the guy was 34 years old, and achilles injuries are brutal. Maybe he just wouldn’t be able to get back to top shape.

Well, now it’s mid-November. And guess when Kobe is thinking he might return? That’s right. November.

The guy was just cleared to resume all basketball activities on Saturday, and on Tuesday he participated in his first full practice—with shooting and everything—and he’s already like, yeah, I think I can play by the end of this month!

Here are Kobe’s thoughts on this, along with a little taste of how that practice went. Pay special attention to the 1:24 mark, where he looks pretty damn good:

I guess I probably shouldn’t be surprised, since Kobe is not a regular human being. But I still am.

In any case, the Lakers sure could use him. With a record of 5-7, they’ve hung in there pretty well. But with the rumors swirling around that Steve Nash might retire, there’s probably not much time before the bottom drops out and the season is lost.

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