Cleveland Browns Locker Room Prank Proves You Don’t Have to Be Racist D-Bags to Have Fun (Video)

cleveland browns locker room prank

Ever since it came out a few weeks ago that Richie Incognito had hurled a number of vile, racial slurs at his Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin, NFL lockers room culture has come under increasing scrutiny. After all, Incognito’s defense was that, hey, right or wrong, this is the kind of stuff that goes on in there. Plus, it’s been said that some sort of locker room prank is what finally sent Martin over the edge and led to his quitting the team.

Well, today we have proof that not all NFL locker room pranks wind up making guys quit the team. And it comes to us courtesy of the Cleveland Browns.

The prank? It’s the good old “fake rat in the locker” bit. We don’t know for sure who is behind it, but DT Phil Taylor filmed it and put it on Instagram, and the mark is fourth-year safety T.J. Ward.

Tale a look:

Great stuff. Or at least, the locker room attendant guy certainly thinks so.

But now that we’ve all had a good laugh, can we please talk about the elephant in the room? How weird is it that T.J. Ward will not stop massaging his junk? Seriously, dude, take it easy.

Hat Tip – [Fan Sided]

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