Roundhouse Kick to the Head Results in Vicious First Round Knockout (GIF + Video)

roundhouse kick KO

If you haven’t heard of the “Final Fighting Championship” before, we don’t blame you, especially if you’re not from Europe—which is where this Mixed Martial Arts promotion company is based out of.  But I can tell you that there are at least a few people paying attention to the Final Fighting Championship, and over the weekend, they were lucky enough to witness the following ridiculous knockout:

That right there was a left roundhouse kick from Ivica Trušček that landed square on the jaw of Leonardo Zecchi, resulting in a knockout victory just 18 seconds into their bout at the Final Fighting Championship 9.

If you ask me, the above GIF is all you need to see.  But for those of you who enjoy watching all that other stuff that happens before and after the knockout, you can watch everything in the video below (knockout takes place at the 5:24 mark):

Hat Tip – [Next Impulse Sports]

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