9 Reasons Why Brady vs. Manning is the Best Rivalry in the NFL

Tom Brady Peyton Manning Rivalry (best rivalry in the nfl)

Yesterday, while clicking around the internet trying to avoid doing actual work, I came across an article talking about this weekend’s marquee NFL matchup between Tom Brady’s New England Patriots and Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos. The main argument of that article? That the rivalry was overblown, and everyone is tired of hearing about it.

Well you know what? That is just about the dumbest thing I’ve heard anyone say about football this year. While I can certainly see how some people might be tired of it, the fact remains that the rivalry between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning actually is the best one going in football today, and quite possibly ever. And with this list, I’m going to tell you why. Cool?

Cool. So let’s get started, then.

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