Hockey Stick Gets Stuck in Visor of Oilers’ Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (GIF)

ryan nugent-hopkins stick stuck in visor

These days, more and more NHL players are wearing those cute little half visors. Some of them (like the Sedin Twins) probably wear them to deter other guys from punching them, and a few others probably wear them because they thing it looks cool. The rest, however, are trying to prevent serious eye injuries. After all, if a puck knocks out all your teeth, that’s okay, because you can still play hockey without your teeth (in fact, I’m pretty sure it makes you better).  However, if a puck shatters your orbital bone, well, you’re going to have trouble seeing for the rest of your life. And that’s a problem. So all in all, I’d say the half-visor thing is a good trend.

That being said, like all good things, there are some drawbacks. And last night in Edmonton, the young Ryan Nugent-Hopkins experienced on of them first hand.

During a first period power play, the stick of Florida Panthers forward Thomas Fleishmann flew up and got stuck in Nugent-Hopkins’ visor. Then, after tugging at it for a few seconds, the kid just took off his whole helmet and continued his shift without it.

Weird, right? Take a look:

I don’t know what the NHL’s official rulebook says, but I’m going to weigh in here and say, if the toe of your stick gets stuck in somebody’s visor—which is dangerously close to their eyes—that should be a high-sticking penalty.

Then again, if they start calling those, Brad Marchand is probably going to go around grabbing sticks and wedging them in his visor to draw penalties. So maybe not.

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