Dallas Cowboys Allow Giants TE Brandon Myers to Score On Season’s Most Embarrassing Touchdown (GIFs)


The Dallas Cowboys may have escaped with the victory, but if Dan Bailey hadn’t kicked a game-winning field-goal with no time remaining on the clock to give them the 24-21 win at MetLife Stadium, many people probably would have looked back to Brandon Myers‘ 27-yard touchdown in the third quarter as a key turning point. At the time, the Cowboys held a 21-6 lead.

With the Giants facing a 4th & 3 from the Dallas 27-yard line, it appeared as though Myers had earned his team a first down on what should have been a 17-yard completion from Eli Manning.  However, it turned out to be a 27-yard touchdown instead, as two Cowboys defenders mistakenly assumed the play was over when Myers fell to the ground on his own.  That allowed the Giants’ tight end to get to his feet and trot into the end zone for the score.

Thankfully, the Cowboys didn’t end up blowing the game, but they sure did blow it on this play.  Check it out:



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