Female Packers Fans Brave Cold in Bikinis (GIF + Video)

Green Bay Bikini Fans

One way to test your loyalty to your football team is to see how you react to bone-chilling temperatures, like the ones being experienced in Green Bay right now. Fair-weather fans might be bundled up to avoid frostbite, but take a look at these female Cheeseheads, who had bikini tops on during less-than-20-degree weather.

It was a strong show of support for the Packers, but not quite enough to give them the edge over the Minnesota Vikings, since the game ended in a rare tie, 26-26.

The game might have been tied, but Green Bay definitely took home a win in the battle of fan support. As far as documentation is concerned, there’s video footage featuring a smartass remark from a color commentator during the game below, as well as an animated GIF.  Enjoy!

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