Penn State Hockey Fan Dances to Bon Jovi (GIF and Video)

Penn State Hockey Fan Dance

Apparently dancing to Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” at sporting events is the latest craze. It started here, and now it’s resurfaced in a slightly less polished form at a recent Penn State hockey game.

What Penn State fan Devon Fields lacks in technical performance skill (it doesn’t look like he knows the lyrics to the song quite as well as the guy in the original video), he unarguably makes up in enthusiasm. He struts, he fist-pumps, he wears a scarf – he does it all.

Check out the incredibly enthusiastic Penn State hockey fan Devon Fields dancing to Bon Jovi in the video and animated GIF below. And be prepared to feel stupid if this song ever comes on while you’re watching a game somewhere and you don’t do this.

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