Cam Newton Pays Homage to LeBron James During Touchdown Celebration (GIFs)

cam newton homage lebron td celebration

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, LeBron James must have felt pretty darn flattered while watching Sunday’s NFL game between the Carolina Panthers and the Miami Dolphins.

During the game, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton celebrated a successful touchdown with a move conspicuously similar to James’ signature celebration.

It’s always interesting to see players from one sport acknowledge the stars of another. If you agree, you should check out the GIFs below, showing Cam Newton’s tribute to King James, as well as James himself doing the original.

Here’s Newton’s post-TD celebration:

Cam Newton Paid Tribute to LeBron James While Celebrating TD in Miami

 And here’s LeBron’s signature celebratory move. See any similarities?

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