Next Season the Charlotte Hornets Will Be Going Back to Their Purple and Teal Uniforms (Pic + Video)

charlotte hornets (larry johnson, alonzo mourning, and mugsy bogues)

When the New Orleans Hornets announced they were going to become the New Orleans Pelicans, that was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to the Charlotte Bobcats.

After all, for you young folk with short memories, the New Orleans Hornets used to be the Charlotte Hornets before the NBA allowed them to relocate for no good reason at all (as the NBA is wont to do). And back in the day, the Charlotte Hornets were a pretty good basketball team. Sure, they never won a championship or anything, but they made the playoffs for the first time in their fifth season, and then made the playoffs in seven of their remaining nine seasons in that city. Plus, they had Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson (who made all those amazing commercials dressed in drag), and Mugsy Bogues. You couldn’t not like that team.

Anyway, with the team in New Orleans becoming the Pelicans this season, that meant he Bobcats—who might just be the worst franchise in the NBA—could rebrand as the Hornets. Sure, that wouldn’t really erase the historically putrid seasons, but it might help fans move on a bit. It’s a perfect rebranding—harken back to the good old days, when the local hoops team made the playoffs more than once a decade.

It’s really no surprise, therefore, that the Hornets have decided to go full old-school and adopt the old purple and teal colorway of the previous Charlotte basketball franchise:

charlotte going back to purple and teal

See? It’ll be like the Bobcats never even happened!

Now, if only they can get Larry Johnson to perform halftime shows dressed up as his grandmama again. That might put butts in the seats.

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