Fresno State Bulldogs Score a Fumblerooski Touchdown (Video)

Fresno State Fumblerooski

Ah, the fumblerooski. Banned in many football organizations, it’s an audacious trick play that has somehow managed to retain its effectiveness after many years (and years and years) on the books. The Fresno State Bulldogs were the latest to attempt it, and were rewarded with a touchdown and a victory over the New Mexico Lobos.

It’s a wonder that the Lobos didn’t see it coming, because even the announcers calling the game could clearly see Fresno State’s fumblerooski almost before it was attempted. But all that matters is the fact that it worked, although, one does wonder if it was really necessary given the final score of 69-28.

You can see Fresno State’s touchdown fumblerooski against New Mexico in the video below:

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