Lebron James Airballs an Easy Layup vs. the Magic (Video + GIF)

lebron airball layup

On Saturday, Lebron James did his part to help the Miami Heat win their second straight game over their in-state rivals, the Orlando Magic. The guy had 22 points, nine rebounds, seven assists, and three steals—not exactly the best we’ve seen from him, but still an above-average performance.

Of course, LeBron would have had 24 points if not for the absolute worst layup attempt of the still-young 2013-14 NBA season.

What was so bad about it, you ask? Oh, just the fact that THE BALL NEVER EVEN TOUCHED THE RIM!

That’s right. The 4x NBA MVP, 2X NBA Champion, 2X NBA Finals MVP, and 7x All-NBA First Team All-Star threw up an airball on a layup—the shot so easy that, when you want to describe how easy something is outside of basketball, you say, “dude, don’t worry, it’s a layup.”

Take a look:

The sad thing is, just last Thursday we ran a whole list of animate GIFs featuring nothing but ridiculously terrible basketball shots. This one would have fit right in.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]

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