This Graphic Perfectly Illustrates the Parity of the 2013 NFL Season

nfl circle of parity - any given sunday 2013 copy

As those of you participating in NFL survivor pools already know, this has been one of the wackiest, least-predictable NFL seasons in memory. Pretty much the only teams that haven’t experienced a significant upset loss are Denver and Seattle—and last night the Broncos choked up a 24-point second-half lead to the Patriots, while the Seahawks barely beat the Rams a few weeks ago, and needed OT to beat the Titans and Buccaneers.

This, of course, is called “parity,” and what it means is we have no idea who the hell is going to win the Super Bowl, let alone who is going to win each weekend.

Having trouble rapping your head around all this? Well, thanks to Reddit user Lvl9LightSpell, we have a handy graphical illustration of NFL parity in 2013. As you can see, every single team can be linked (seven degrees of Kevin Bacon-style) to every other team by wins and losses.

Does this mean that even the Jaguars can beat the Colts in Week 17? Probably not. But I wouldn’t bet on it, either. Cause, you know…any given Sunday.

Want a closer look at the circle of parity? Click right here.

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