Photographers Fight During Postgame Handshake Between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady (GIF)

photographers fight over manning brady handshake (photographer fight)

In case you didn’t notice, that whole Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning thing last night was kind of a big deal. It was pretty much all anyone was talking about heading into the weekend’s NFL action—partly because it would be the 14th time their teams had played each other, but mostly because these guys are the two biggest (if not best) quarterbacks in the game today and the most obvious locks for the Pro Football Hall of Fame since Jerry Rice retired.

Obviously, whenever there’s this much hype around two opposing players, that’s going to put a lot of additional pressure on the people who have to report on the game. If they’re writing about it, they’ve got to get the big story. If they’re shooting video, they’ve got to get the big footage. And if they’re taking photographs, they’ve got to get the big shot.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get the best shot. Sometimes the best shot is only available from one vantage point. And when there are multiple people trying to get to that vantage point…well, things can get hostile.

Just ask these two photographers:

photographers fight over shot of brady manning handshake

Obviously, these guys were not feeling the sportsmanship as Manning and Brady went to shake hands after last night’s game.

Stay classy, fellas!

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