Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski Were Kind of Excited About the Pats’ Huge Comeback Win Over the Broncos (GIF)

tom brady and rob gronkowski celebrate touchdown

In Boston, they have a very colorful nickname for the light-hitting New York Yankees shortstop who hit a three-run homer in the 1978 AL East tie-breaker game: Bucky F**king Dent.

I can only assume that Peyton Manning has a similar nickname for Tom Brady at this point, because on Sunday night at frigid Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Tom F**king Brady did it again. He led his team to a ridiculous comeback and yet another win over Peyton Manning.

How ridiculous was this one? The Broncos were up 24-0 at halftime. Halftime! They were taking full advantage of the injury-depleted Patriots defense and running the ball at will while also completely shutting down the New England offense. But then halftime came, Brady went inside, pumped himself up, and came out firing. The Pats made it 24-14 with two quick strikes, and then, with time running out in the third quarter, they made it 24-21 with a Tom Brady touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski.

Were Brady and Gronk pumped up about that? Why yes, yes they were:

While this celebration didn’t come at the end of the game, it does pretty much sum things up for the Patriots, who went on to snatch an improbable 34-31 victory in overtime.

Let’s just pray these teams meet in the AFC Championship Game this year. Football needs more of this.

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