10 NHL Franchises Worth Less than the Dallas Cowboys…Combined

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Yesterday Forbes released their annual list of the NHL team values, and there’s good news and bad news.

First the good news: the average value of an NHL team rose 46% in the last year, and it wasn’t just the big fish pulling everybody up. Even the little guys increased in value.

Now the bad news: the NHL is still light years behind the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Of course, there are many ways to put this fact into perspective. We could talk about the average value of franchises in all the leagues—how, on average, NFL teams are worth $1.17 billion, MLB teams $744 million, NBA teams $509 million, and NHL teams $413 million—but that doesn’t really do the disparity justice. So instead we’re going to put it this way: if you were a billionaire looking to get into sports ownership, you could either buy the ten least valuable NHL teams, or you could buy the Dallas Cowboys.

That’s right. The ten least valuable NHL teams combined are worth $2.117 billion. Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys—the NFL’s most valuable team—are worth $2.3 billion.

Among these bottom 10 are three franchises that have won a Stanley Cup in the last ten years (!), the two best teams in the NHL right now, the team with the most valuable player in the game, and a franchise that gave us one of the greatest dynasties in the history of pro sports. Meanwhile, the Cowboys have zero Super Bowls in the last 18 years…and Tony Romo.

So who are these ten teams you could have for one Dallas Cowboys? Let’s have a look…


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