Dwyane Wade Videobombs LeBron James with Cartwheels (GIF)

dwyane wade videobombs lebron with cartwheels

While the increasingly rickety Dwyane Wade is nothing like the player he was between 24 and 30, he is still an exceptional NBA guard and a crucial member of the Miami Heat as they try to win their third straight championship. For that reason, the Heat are paying him an awful lot of money this season—$18.54 million, to be exact. And for that reason, the Heat would rather Dwyane not take part in any extraneous, non-basketball-related activities—especially if such activities might be classified as “horseplay.”

Unfortunately for Miami, their players just love to videobomb each other. They think it’s the funniest damn thing in the world (also, it’s quite possible they are attention whores).  So last night, after the Heat beat the Suns for their seventh straight W, there was D-Wade, performing cartwheels on the floor behind LeBron James as he was being interviewed by Sun Sports.

dwyane wade videobombing lebron cartwheels

You have to think team president Pat Riley had a minor heart attack when he saw this. Then he probably had a little talk with Dwyane and kindly suggested that a guy with chronic injury problems maybe shouldn’t do stuff like that.

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