When He’s Done with Curling, Ron Burgundy Will Also Be Doing an Episode of ESPN’s SportsCenter (Video)

ron burgundy sportscenter

Well well, it looks like ESPN does not want to be outdone by its little Canadian brother, TSN (ESPN owns a stake in TSN, FYI).

Just one day after TSN announced that Will Ferrell will be calling the action on Day One of the Tim Hortons Road of the Rings curling tournament on December 1—as Ron Burgundy, of course—somebody over at ESPN has leaked information that Ferrell will be hosting an entire episode of ESPN’s SportsCenter (not to be confused with TSN’s SportsCentre) on December 5.

This report comes to us courtesy of The Big Lead. They cited two sources, both of whom spoke on condition of ultra-super-secret anonymity (which is 10x stronger than regular “condition of anonymity”) because the official announcement has not yet been made.

Obviously, as you can tell, I suspect this “leak” was totally planned, and that ESPN just didn’t want to seem like they were jealous of TSN, so they disguised their rebuttal announcement as a leak. But maybe I’m just paranoid because the folks at ESPN can be…um, how can I put this delicately…not entirely un-douche-like?

In any case, the point is, we’re all going to get our fill of Ron Burgundy doing sports. First he’ll call some curling, which will be epic. Then he’ll do a highlight show, which will probably also be epic.

Mark it down on your calendars.

Oh, and Anchorman 2 comes out December 20. Hence all the publicity stunts.

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