Arsenio Hall Surprises Paralympic Sprinter Blake Leeper by Introducing Him to His Childhood Idol—Bo Jackson (Video)

paralympic sprinter meets childhood idol bo jackson on arsenio hall

Arsenio Hall has been back on the air with his late night talk show for a few months now. However, after a decent showing at the start—most likely due to people giving in to nostalgia and checking it out—the show’s ratings have plummeted.

Actually, did you even know this new Arsenio show existed?

Anyway, things are not going well. What they needed to do right off the bat was embrace the power of “viral” media. They needed take a page out of the playbook of Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel—two guys who know how to create some buzz.

In other words, they needed to do a segment like the one you’re about to watch now, in which 24-year-old Paralympic sprinter Blake Leeper got to meet his boyhood idol, Bo Jackson.

Take a look:

See? That’s the kind sappy but cool-as-hell segment that would have got people watching the show more regularly.

As it is, this might be too little, too late.

But hey, at least they made Leeper’s day (and possibly yours). So that’s something.

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