Florida Gators Football Players Blocking Each Other to Classical Music is Awesome (Video)

florida gators blocking each other

After the Florida Gators lost their sixth game in a row this past Saturday—this time to the Football Championship Series (Division I-AA) Georgia Southern Eagles, who were only 6-4 heading into their game at “The Swamp”—coach Will Muschamp had to go and stand in front of the media for 10 whole minutes and talk about it. “Why were they able to get the edge on you so easily,” one guy asked. “The first losing season since 1979, not able to make a bowl game this year,” another dude stated before asking, “which of those is more disappointing?”


Still, the best question anybody asked was, “Will, what was the main problem on offense today?” Muschamp started his response by saying, “Where do you start?” Then he rattled off a bunch of problems.

However, all he really needed to do was refer everyone to this. This clip right here is everything that is wrong with the Florida Gators offense, their 2013 season, and Will Muschamp’s life.

During the loss, Florida center Jonotthan Harrison blocked his own teammate, Quinton Dunbar, on the first play of the second half.

You have to see it to believe it. And even then, you won’t believe it.

Watch the clip anyway, though. It’s set to music:

I have a feeling that, when the Florida AD calls Will Muschamp into his office to fire him in a few weeks, he’s not going to have to say anything. He’s just going to have to play this on the TV.

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