Basketball Has a New Greatest Name: Steeve Ho You Fat (Video)

Steeve Ho You Fat

Hyper Vocal’s was in Paris over the weekend, and decided to take in some basketball while he was there. It was between Paris-Levallois and Cholet, and featured big names like Duke’s Daniel Ewing and Michigan State’s Aloysius Anagonye, but Sohmer made a discovery that outdid all of them: Steeve Ho You Fat.

As far as anyone Stateside has been able to tell, Steeve Ho You Fat is his real name, and not one of those “He Hate Me” or “Ochocinco” type situations (which, of course, makes it 1000 times better).

Whether or not Ho You Fat will see any direct benefit from his new internet fame remains to be seen, but if the video taken of him in action is any indication, he’s got the skills to back it up.

You can check that video out below:

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