Chris Davis’ Field-Goal Return TD at the Iron Bowl Gets the ‘Tecmo Bowl’ Treatment (Video)

Auburn Field Goal Return Tecmo Bowl Style

If you haven’t heard about Auburn’s victory over Alabama in the 2013 Iron Bowl on Saturday, congratulations on the completion of your underground bunker.

But now that you’ve decided it’s safe to come out and live above ground for a while, you might want to check out the play after it has been given a Tecmo Bowl makeover.

For all of its 8-bit NES-inspired bells and whistles, the video just wouldn’t be anywhere near as good without the play-by-play commentary taken from the actual game. The announcer gets so excited while calling the play that it’s a wonder he didn’t pass out.  And the effect of hearing that while looking at footage that looks like an 80s video game is pretty funny.

You can check out Chris Davis‘ 100-yard field goal return at the 2013 Iron Bowl as if it happened in Tecmo Bowl below:

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