When Knowshon Moreno Cries You’d Better Grab Your Umbrella (GIF)

knowshon moreno crying huge tears

A professional football playing brought to tears by the national anthem on Thanksgiving weekend? That’s a cute story—something your patriotic aunt who doesn’t care about football but loves America would appreciate.

However, this post isn’t just about a professional football player crying during the national anthem. It’s about a professional football player crying the biggest tears you’ve ever seen. I’m talking a torrential downpour of human tear duct activity. I’m talking such voluminous amounts of tears that, in the olden days, the dude would probably be in the circus tent next to the bearded lady and the miniature bodybuilder.

I’m talking about Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno. Prior to yesterday’s battle between the Broncos and Chiefs, the guy got a little emotional during the national anthem, and his insane superhuman tear ducts produced an epic deluge of liquid emotion.

Take a look:

moreno crying


Apparently, it’s not uncommon for Moreno to be moved to tears. After the game, this is what he had to say to Yahoo! Sports:

“I am just thinking about everything in general through your whole life, just balled up into one. Yeah, it helps me. Sometimes I don’t even notice it, it just comes.”

Don’t even notice it? Did Channing Crowder not notice when he peed his pants?

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