Rob Ford Stole Somebody’s Seat at the Buffalo Bills Game

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Most of the English-speaking world now knows about Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s love of booze, crack, and colorful language. However, most people probably don’t know about his love of football—unless they’re regular readers of Total Pro Sports, that is.

If you are a regular reader of this site, then you remember last year when we showed you Rob Ford playing football (hilariously) before the Grey Cup in Toronto. You remember how he admitted to smoking crack while wearing a vintage NFL tie. And you remember how he went to a Toronto Argonauts game not long afterward—even though the team asked him not to—and was a one-man circus.

So what’s the sports- and crack-loving mayor of North America’s fourth-largest city up to now? Well, yesterday the Buffalo Bills played the Atlanta Falcons at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, so obviously Rob Ford was there. And he wasn’t just there. He was there, sitting in somebody else’s seat.

That somebody else? It was Canadian indie rocker Matt Mays. He may not be a household name, but he’s a lot more famous than, say, me. So when he tweeted about his problem, the story spread like wildfire.

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Mays never did work up the courage to go tell the mayor to get the hell out of his seat, and I don’t blame him. This is a guy who gets into drunken stupors and smokes crack with gang bangers. I’d say Mays was wise to sit in an empty seat he found a few rows back.

However, after halftime—when Ford was asked to leave by event security because his presence was becoming an issue—Mays got his seat back.

Patience pays!

matt mays at bills game rob ford's seat

Hat Tip – [National Post]

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