Vernon Davis Gets Tackled by His Crotch (GIF)

vernon davis nut tackle

In any game between gentlemen, it can be assumed that one’s crotch and all appendages therein are safe from any intentional grabs, gouges, or strikes during play. But unfortunately for Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers, St. Lous Rams safety T.J. McDonald is no gentleman.

The play appears at first to be more awkward than physically painful, as Davis actually reaches down and pulls McDonald’s hand away from his crotch. But after the tackle, Davis was seen rolling on the ground in pain, so it would appear that McDonald was playing for keeps.

You can see T.J. McDonald’s vice-like grip on Vernon Davis’ groin in the animated GIF below:

Vernon Davis Tackled by His Private Region in Clash with St. Louis Rams

And here are a couple more angles:

How about a call for “illegal touching” by the defense, ref?


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