Vikings Cornerback Chris Cook Ejected for Getting Fresh with an Official (GIFs)

chris cook ejected for pushing official

On Thursday, during the Lions’ Turkey Day thrashing of the now-terrible Packers, Green Bay’s Tramon Williams gave one of the officials a pretty nasty little shove out of frustration after having just given up another touchdown. The act earned him a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct that cost his team 15 yards on the ensuing Lions kickoff, but he was allowed to remain in the game thanks to a little holiday mercy shown by the official who got shoved.

On Sunday, Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook received no such mercy.

Right after Bears receiver Alshon Jeffrey made a ridiculous catch in the endzone for a Chicago touchdown, Cook went over to the official signalling the score and made contact with him. Some people called the contact minor and even accidental. However,  it looked pretty intentional to this observer. In fact, to this observers it looked an awful lot like Cook twisted the ref’s nipple and then poked him in the armpit to see if he was ticklish.

Either way, the guy got ejected.

Compare the two incidents for yourself, though. Here is Williams not getting ejected:

tramon williams shoves referee

And here is Cook getting ejected:

Chris Cook contact with referee

What do you think? Was the ejection fair? Should Williams have been ejected, too?

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