Crazy Grandpa Chargers Fan Dancing Will Either Make You Laugh or Creep You Out (Video)

crazy old dancing chargers fan

In this line of work, you see all sorts of dancing sports fans. Drunk ones, gross ones, insane ones, dirty ones—you name it. And generally this is a real perk, because writing about murderers and cheaters all the time can get pretty depressing.

However, I’m not so sure about the one we have for you today. It’s from Sunday’s Bengals-Chargers game in San Diego and it features a friendly-looking grandpa…who seems to have taken a hit of ecstasy. This leads to a lot of hand dancing and some very disturbing facial expressions that feature a few notable flicks of the tongue.

Listen closely at the 0:17 mark and you’ll hear a woman say, “That’s not right.”

You’re right, lady. It is not.

Take a look:

This guy looks like he’s been to a rave or two in his day.

So weird.