Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman Scored a Touchdown on the Luckiest of Bounces Last Night (GIF)

seahawks derrick coleman pinball touchdown

Last night, the Seahawks proved themselves to be the class of the NFC—at least at home in Seattle, which is exactly where they will play all their playoff games up until the Super Bowl. Russell Wilson threw for 310 yards and three touchdowns, and the home team crushed Drew Brees and the visiting Saints, 34-7.

How hopeless was it for the Saints? Even when Seattle was screwing up they were scoring touchdowns.

Midway through the third quarter, Wilson threw an eight-yard pass to tight end Kellen Davis on 2nd & 8 from the New Orleans 8-yard line, but it slipped right through the guy’s fingers, hit him in the face mask, and bounced away. Touchdown averted, right?

Wrong. The ball hit Davis in the face mask and bounced away alright—but right into the hands of running back Derrick Coleman, who just hopped right on into the end zone.

Take a look:

derrick coleman pinball touchdown

As you can see, Davis probably wouldn’t have scored on that play if he’d caught the ball because two guys were right on him. Coleman, on the other hand, was wide open.

That pretty much sums up this week’s edition of Monday Night Football, doesn’t it?

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