Swearing While Playing NBA 2K14 Will Earn You a Technical Foul (Video)

nba 2k14 technical foul swearing

Having a system that can hear, see, and smell your every noise, movement, and scent, like the Xbox One, can be pretty cool (okay, we lied about the smell and scent part), but it doesn’t always work out to be a good thing.

That is especially the case for those foul-mouthed individuals out there, as any of them who decide to purchase the Xbox One system will soon learn that swearing while playing NBA 2K14 could earn them a very costly technical foul.  Don’t believe me?  One dude has already experienced such.

Check it out:

Thanks to Xbox Kinect, the user’s every word can be heard while they are playing the system.  That means any expletive could earn them a technical foul, even while playing in single-player mode.

And NBA 2K14 isn’t the only game that’s listening in on its users.  Another Xbox user recently received the following message from the “Manchester United Board of Directors” while playing FIFA 14:

nba 2k14 technical foul swearing 2

It’s as if Big Brother is now watching us through our video game consoles.


Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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