The 21 Worst Nicknames in NBA History

worst nba nicknames (worst nicknames in nba history)

Every great athlete has a nickname. Some are more well-known than others, of course, whether it’s because they just roll off the tongue or because they so perfectly fit the player. But almost every athlete has picked one up somewhere along the line, and NBA players are no exception.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a Hall of Famer, and not everyone has a Hall of Fame nickname. For every “Hakeem the Dream” or “Air Jordan” there’s probably two nicknames that make you tilt your head and wrinkle your brow in suspicion. And today, we’re taking a look at those—the stupidest, weirdest, most unfortunate nicknames in the history of the NBA.

Some of them are bad because they don’t even come close to describing the players to which they are assigned. Others are bad because they simply sound terrible or unflattering. But one way or another, they all suck. So have a look, and by all means let us know if we missed any good (i.e. awful) ones.


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