20 NFL Cheerleader 2014 Wall Calendars You Should Probably Just Go Ahead and Buy

2014 NFL Cheerleader Calendars (NFL Swimsuit Calendars)

In the olden days people used to hang calendars on their wall so they could keep track of important dates and events. These days, when everyone has a computer and a smart phone? Yeah, we pretty much only get wall calendars as an excuse to hang pictures of hot chicks in bikinis in our home or office without people thinking we’re total perverts.

Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed, there is now less than one month remaining in 2014. So that means it’s time to get a new calendar featuring pictures of hot women in bikinis. And of course, nobody does bikini calendars better than NFL cheerleading squads.

Now, some of you will probably just go and get the calendar for your favorite team’s squad and be done with it. However, if you don’t have a favorite team, or if you’re just a connoisseur of attractive bikini models, then why not have a look at all of the calendars available and pick the one you like best?

Sounds like a plan? Great. We’ll help you get started with this list of 20 fantastic NFL cheerleader 2014 Calendars. You’re welcome, and happy shopping.

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