Celtics’ Avery Bradley Sinks Ridiculous Circus Shot from Behind the Backboard to Beat the Shot Clock (Video + GIF)

avery bradly basket from behind backboard

This past summer, after the Boston Celtics traded away stars Kevin GarnettPaul Pierce, and Jason Terry, everyone immediately started using the “R” word fans hate so much—rebuilding. Then they hired Brad Stevens away from Butler, and people started using the “T” word that the NBA hates so much—tanking.

Whether or not the Celtics were hoping for a last place finish so they could draft Andrew Wiggins, everyone was certainly expecting them to be pretty bad this year. And they are pretty bad.

However, the thing is, after Miami and Indiana, the entire Eastern Conference is just awful. The third place team right now is Washington—yes, the Wizards!—and they are 9-9. Meanwhile, can you guess who’s in fourth? Yep, it’s the Celtics with their record of 8-12.

Obviously, if they want to get a high pick in the draft, they’re going to have to get a lot worse, because they’ve got competition in the cellar. And they can start by not trying to make any more amazing shots like this behind-the-backboard shot clock-beater from Avery Bradly last night:

avery bradly makes shot from behind backboard

With this play setting the tone for the night, Boston went on to win 108-100.

Come on, Bradly! Do you want to get Wiggins or not?


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