Here Is Chris Bosh Getting Posterized…Again (GIF)

chris bosh posterized

Last night, the Detroit Pistons traveled to Miami where they snapped the Dwyane Wade-less Heat’s 10-game winning streak.

Did the Pistons embarrass the Heat? No, not exactly. However, losing to the Pistons (now 8-10) by any score is slightly embarrassing for the two-time defending champs. And there certainly was one very embarrassing moment for one Miami player.

That player? Yep, it was Chris Bosh. With 2:58 left in the game and the Heat down by just seven, Detroit’s Josh Smith took a pass from Brandon Jennings and drove to the hoop, posterizing The Boshtrich in the process.

But what’s that, you say? Guys get posterized all the time, and it’s not necessarily embarrassing? Well, you’re right. It’s not necessarily embarrassing. It is, though, when you’re facing the wrong way like Bosh is here.

Take a look:

josh smith posterizes chris bosh

Yes, I understand that Bosh was coming back on the play and couldn’t have turned around. But it’s still funny.

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