Ever Wonder Who’d Win a Rap Battle Between Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali? (Video)

michael jordan muhammad ali rap battle

Given that most of their videos have somewhere between 20 and 70 million views, chances are you’re familiar with YouTube channel “Epic Rap Battles of History.”

However, just in case you aren’t, let me break it down for you: they take two famous people from history and have them engage in a rap battle. There was Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates; Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney; Mario Brothers vs. Wright Brothers; Mozart vs. Skrillex; Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King; and, of course, Hitler vs. Vader. And, yep, they’re all pretty amazing.

Their latest video? It features two of the greatest athletes of all-time. In one corner is His Airness, Michael Jordan, the best basketball player who ever lived (sorry Bron Bron and Mamba).  In the other corner is The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, the best boxer who ever lived.

Who won their rap duel? You tell me:

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