Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning, Points Out His Shocking Lack of Mustache (Video)

ron burgundy interviewing peyton manning

Let’s go through all the Will Ferrell sports moments we’ve encountered in 2013, shall we?

There was his Super Bowl commercial for Old Milwaukee. There was the time he worked security at a Lakers game. There was the time he dressed up as Tommy Trojan and directed the USC marching band. There was the time he read the Dodgers lineup during the NLCS. And, most recently, there was the time he called a curling tournament for TSN—as Ron Burgundy.

Again, that was just 2013. It’s almost like he’s got a new movie coming out that he wants people to think is kind of a big deal…Oh right!!!  Anchorman 2 comes out December 18. Funny how that works.

In any case, here’s the latest sports moment from Ferrell/Burgundy: an interview with Peyton Manning as a promo for his upcoming stint as host of ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Check it out:

If I were Peyton, I would have pointed out that Aaron Rodgers grew a badass mustache in November and them promptly broke his collarbone. But whatever.

As for Ferrell/Burgundy, if you’re not sick of him/them yet, watch him on SportsCenter Thursday night. Then, if you’re still not sick of him/them, go see the movie two weeks from today.

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