Here’s Video of the Bucks’ Larry Sanders Attacking People with a Bottle at a Night Club (Video)

larry sanders club brawl video

This past August, the Milwaukee Bucks showed 25-year-old center Larry Sanders just how much they value his stellar defense by signing him to a four-year, $44 million extension.

So how did he repay his team? Why, he got into a brawl at a club and injured his hand, of course.

The brawl went down at Apartment 720 in Milwaukee on November 3. At the time all we knew about it was that it started over some spilt champagne, and that Sanders tore a ligament in his thumb that required surgery and knocked him out for at least six weeks. Now, however, a video of the brawl has been released by Milwaukee police. And based on what goes down in said video—basically, Sanders goes nuts and starts attacking people with a champagne bottle—they’ve announced that they have cited him for disorderly conduct and assault and battery.

Have a look:

That’s pretty wild. Did you notice the chick try (and fail) to snatch the bottle out of Sanders’s hand at the 0:22 mark?

In any case, if you ask me, Sanders is lucky to get away with citations and $551 worth of fines. It wouldn’t have been hard to make a case for criminal charges.

Stay classy, Larry Sanders.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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