Behold the Golf Shot of the Year (Video)

crazy golf shot of the year

December is not a good time for golf. The sport gets its share of our attention from April to August, but at this time of the year we’ve got just two things on our mind: football, and football.

Obviously, then, a golf highlight has to be pretty damn good to make us take notice. And the one you are about to see definitely fits that description. It comes to us from the 2013 British Par 3 Championship. The event actually took place back in August, but for some reason the highlight in question only got put up on YouTube this week.

On the 95-yard fourth hole at the Cromwell Course at Nailcote Hall, a guy named Matt Wheatcroft got himself into a bit of a tricky lie, with his ball about a foot away from a fence post in the rough behind the green. However, instead of wasting a stroke and chipping the ball out from the fence, he decided to just hit the ball directly at the fence post and hope for the best.

Well, the best happened. The ball caromed off the post, flew backward into the air, and landed on the green about a foot away from the hole.

Take a look:

That, lucky or not, is the golf shot of the year.

Well played, Mr. Wheatcroft.

Hat Tip – [Sports Grid]