NFL Logos As Disney Characters (Pics)

The online Disneyification of the world continues with this project from artist TheRoar24 (whom you can check out on Twitter here). For it, 18 different NFL logos have been combined with the nearest appropriate Disney character. The project joins past NFL logo redesigns, like this one, this one, and this one.

This results in combinations like Pegasus from Hercules being depicted in the Denver Broncos logo, and John Smith from Pocahontas (as well as United States history, although from what I understand those two versions of the character are quite different) in the logo for the New England Patriots. You get the idea.

But in case you don’t get the idea, or if you just like looking at cool NFL and Disney related stuff, you can check out all 18 NFL logos re-imagined as Disney characters in the gallery at the top of the page. And consider telling your friends that you’re now a Miami Ariels or Cleveland Peter Pans fan, that should get an interesting reaction.


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