Old Man Goes ‘Street Fighter’ on Young ASU Bro, Kicks Him in the Face (Video + GIF)

old guy kicks asu frat bro in face at football game

Before we get started, a warning: the video you are about to watch may cause extreme happiness.

At a recent Arizona State football game, there was some kind of disagreement in the student section between an older gentleman and a young Sun Devil frat bro. We don’t know what caused the disagreement. Perhaps the old guy objected to some foul language being bandied about, or to some other drunken bro shenanigans. What we do know is that the old guy gave exactly zero f*cks about whatever the peacemaking bro was saying and instead launched a surprise attack on the youngin’, kicking him in the face with his white grandpa sneaker.

Then all hell broke loose.

Here is part one, in which the ASU kid gets taught a lesson about disrespecting his elders:

Here is part two, in which hordes of people hold the warring parties back while random interlopers throw haymakers at no one in particular:

And here is the GIF, in which we watch the moment of impact over, and over, and over again:

Old man kicks ASU kid in the face

So I was right, wasn’t I? That video did cause extreme happiness, didn’t it?

Just one note before I wrap this up, though: come on, people, hold your godd*mn phones horizontally when you shoot videos. Unless people are wearing jetpacks, whatever you are trying to capture is not happening vertically. It’s happening horizontally.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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