Pitcher Windups on This Japanese Baseball Video Game Are Insane (Video)

japanese baseball game crazy pitcher windups

As you may or may not already know, Japanese video games can be kind of weird.

That being said, weird doesn’t even begin to describe the 1998 baseball sim 98Koshien. Koshien was a high school baseball series—yes, high school baseball—that first came out in 1989 on Nintendo. Then they released an edition for Super Nintendo, and after that an edition on PlayStation in 1998. And that’s when it got really bizarre.

You see, in 98Koshien, users could customize pitcher windups. However, in doing so, they were not bound by the laws of physics or biomechanics. So that meant if you wanted the pitchers torso to spin around like a helicopter to deliver his pitch, you could make it happen.

Like I said…bizarre.

Take a look:

Some of these windups look like something out of The Matrix, and that movie didn’t even come out until 1999. I guess that makes this video game a little ahead of it’s time—but, you know, still pretty stupid.

I think I’ll stick to MLB: The Show.

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