15 Greatest Sexual Slip-Ups in Sports Broadcasting History

sports announcer reporter slip-ups (accidentally sexual sports calls)

Being a sports broadcaster is hard. Whether you are an announcer or a reporter, you’re basically talking nonstop for a living, which means you must be on your toes and ready to respond to anything at a moment’s notice. So with those kinds of odds, everyone is going to mess up eventually.

That being said, some screw ups are bigger than others, and the biggest ones pretty much always involve unintentional sexual innuendo…or stuff that’s just flat-out filthy.

Want to take a look at the best of the best? Well, you’re in luck. Thanks to YouTube, no inadvertent slip of the tongue will ever be lost to the void of time ever again. So today we present you with list of the greatest sexual slip-ups in sports broadcasting history. Take a look—you won’t regret it.


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