This Cheerleader Thought She Messed Up The Routine, And Then? Pure Magic….

In general, proposing to your girlfriend at a sporting event is a bad idea. However, there are a few exceptions to the rule.

First, if you are sure your girl lives, eats, drinks, and breathes the team in question (and you’ve run the idea by her best friend and her mom to triple-check), then it might be okay.

Second, if your girl is a cheerleader, then proposing to her at the game is like proposing to her in front of all her friends, which is kind of cool.

Of course, when it comes to proposing to cheerleaders at games, the bar was set pretty high a couple of years ago by the guy who dressed as Santa and proposed to the Titans cheerleader. So how do you top that?

Well, that’s easy. You dress up as the team mascot, get the PA guy to play “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, then you pop out and pop the question:

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That is Chicago Luvabulls dancer Ariana. She’s from East Chicago, Indiana; she has a degree in business marketing and mass communications from Saint Xavier Univeristy; her favorite foods are flautas and pizza; and, thanks to her boyfriend, Shane, she’s officially off the market.


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