Watch a Drunk Vikings Fan Fall Down a Few Rows of Seats and Spill His Beer (Video)

Drunk Vikings Fan

It’s Friday, and maybe you’re tired of constantly enriching your mind and spirit through art and literature. Maybe you just want to watch someone fall down at a football game. Well, all I can tell you is that you came to the right place, because what we have here is worthy of the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for people falling down.

The exact time and date that the video was taken is pretty much irrelevant, as the substance is universal: An extremely drunk Vikings fan attempted to stagger back to his seat while holding a beer, and some brave hero had the courage and foresight to capture it on camera, all while providing off-the-cuff commentary. That was before the guy manages to fall and tumble over a row of seats, delighting all the spectators, and now, you.

Watch maybe the funniest video you’ll see today, featuring a drunk Vikings fan falling down, below:

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